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Lean Into It

Have you ever felt your life needed a change but didn't know how (or were too afraid of change) to go about making the necessary choices to enact a new phase of your life? Change is scary. It's when we face the unknown that we begin to really learn more about ourselves. In an attempt to undergo some meaningful changes in my own life, I've tried to better understand the psychological process involved during a monumental shift in one's life.
The one thing which has stuck with me throughout my own, personal ordeal has been the ease with which it can be to effect change. As the title of this blog post suggests: Lean into it.
By that, I simply mean when you are faced with choices, regardless of the situation, choosing one over the other may be difficult. So, try to look at the options as objectively as possible and lean toward the elements which resonate with you. Once you have a better idea of what fits into your sphere of potential reality, you'll be better equipped to …