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Q. What kind of books do you mostly write? A. My preferred genre to read and write is fantasy, though I have been branching out into horror and sci-fi. I'm also a huge fan of poetry. My poetry books are small and simple- some are fun and light-hearted, others... not so much. All have been a catharsis for me. Hopefully, they make you feel... something. <3 (See Extra Life & Circles of the Soul on Amazon today!)
Q. How long have you been writing? A. I've been creating stories for as long as I can remember, though I do distinctly recall the day I began to write them down. My mother came home from work and I, at about five years old, had concocted a glamorous tale about our cat and how he'd actually flown through the air, like magic! As I continued to relay the fantastical details of the saga to her, my mother became exasperated with my tall tales and suggested I start making them into storybooks. My passion for writing and the depths of my imagination have only grown and b…


It's not over. It will never be over for the victim. Closure is nonexistent. Especially when the perv gets away with it. 
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The Witches of Andar- Book Trailer; by Ashlie Harris

Justine is a spitfire. She’s grown from a young, innocent woman in love with her handsome prince into a powerful enchantress to be reckoned with! There is a darkness spreading across the land and only The Witches of Andar can turn the tide... Justine and her friends, through stealth, ingenuity, and one peculiar spell, risk it all to end Duke Ebrius’ otherworldly hold on the throne. Will they succeed? Or will the Duke claim yet another victim? My characters definitely have minds of their own. Justine was so sweet and innocent in the first book. Now, she’s like an entirely new person! She demanded to have her story told, and there was no stopping it. One place in the story this is reflected is in her relationship with Eleyna. Without giving any spoilers- as soon as I created Eleyna’s character, I knew there was going to be a strong bond between her and Justine. Sure enough, the story unfolded at their will. There were many surprises in store for me as I wrote both The Witches of Andar an…