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It's Never Over for the Victim

When you've been sexually abused, especially as a child, you don't wonder, 'why is this person so bad?' You wonder, 'what about me made this person think it was okay to do this to me?' I dwelled on that. What made me different from any other child? Was I noticeably damaged in some way? Was it something within me which made me 'lesser than', to be preyed upon by grown adults for their own perverse sexual gratification? In just a few moments, my life was unalterably shattered. Any and every hope of having meaningful relationships plummeted, and the only thing to come out of this situation is a grown-ass man who could do the same thing watching porn... or, better yet, with his WIFE.
I digress. We, the abused, are the ones who ultimately pay the price. How ridiculous is it, now that I'm grown, myself, and old enough to understand exactly HOW wrong it was for the men in my life to treat me as they did, now I'm brave enough, smart enough, and able to c…

All Author Cover Contest!

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