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13 Lies

Skin and bones And chromosomes An entire soul Wasted alone Wondering why And where I roam Into the dark Away from home
I’ll find my path Dismissing the wrath The hate and the cold, turbulent aftermath. And, when the lies of old Have kept me out The keys are fallen and there’s Not a shadow of doubt I’ll enter that void Whether welcome or not And fill my soul To stop the rot
I’ve been looking in From the other side I’ve seen how you Run and hide How well you spin Your web of lies With no regret You’ve cast aside All that makes me Want to live my life And I finally realize I’m an outsider looking in And what I see, I despise So all that’s left to say is
Good riddance and goodbye.


I went away But not very far Though I ran fast And I ran hard
I tucked myself Into a space so small Passersby Couldn't see me at all
I left the pain And tears behind I left the love And all that was mine.
I'm crawling back now Out of that hole I want to turn back now But on I must go
The work never ends For the weak and the weary Yet no matter how I bend I will keep love near me.

To The Grave

Where do the secrets go, After they've been hidden? How are the lies disposed, In this life you've written?
You did everything for me. You did everything to me. But the shades of truth and the light of your lies, Has left me feeling alone And confused inside.
Am I selfish? Or are you? Do the lies matter? Or does the truth?
Does the pattern of regret replay in your mind? Will the reflection of your lies Alter my life?
There's more to you Than I ever expected. But before I knew, Before I wept, it was always your love that I respected.
Forgiveness is as shaded As the lies we tell.

Perfect Lie

My nerves are wracked But my heart is ready The odds are stacked But, I'm rollin' steady The ins and outs And in-betweens the lines of the lies I just want to scream Your name is not What your blood may seem Still, I found love inside Their perfect lie.

Hollowed Heart

This burden did not ask permission to wreak havoc upon my soul It stumbled in amidst suspicion Dredging up the lies of old
A life untrusted bleeds truth blindly And when the splatters of your lies have dried When you feel the hollowed heart inside When you've tasted all the tears I've cried Will you finally decide to come find me?

The Tree of Life

Not every tree grows tall. Some as seeds  withdraw. Others mighty and strong Shake their leaves in a rustling song.
Not every branch has a plume Not every flower will bloom Not every fruit  will be sweet And even some roots Will become obsolete
In the end It's not the blossom, but the rot which leaves its mark among the leaves of life And perpetuates A pattern of strife
So, fertilize with love and faith Give your seeds plenty of space Bring them up healthy and strong teach them how to get along, to give and receive with love in their hearts Raise them up So they can start A cycle anew From a fresh point of view And show us all  How we've played our part.

Life of Lies

Can't change the past. Can't forget it either. Hopes don't last, They only push you higher. So the fall is worse, And the more it hurts.
How long must I pay, For the sins of others? How long must I wait, To become untethered? Shoulders like stone, A burden so heavy. When it's time to go, At least I'll be ready.